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Pronto Pup Grand Rapids

Serving the Fan Favorite Dog on a Stick in GR!

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Our Story

Fan Favorite Dog on a Stick in GR!

Owner and Operator Andy Bogart is a proud Alumni of the Ferris State Hospitality Program and has been in catering and sales for most of his career. When the opportunity arose to serve a West Michigan classic to the GR area he had to! So here we are serving the Fan Favorite Dog on a Stick in the GR area! Cheers!

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History of the Famous Pronto Pup

After World War II, men and women who had eaten and helped build the immense popularity of Pronto Pups while stationed throughout the west coast states, realized the opportunities that Pronto Pup could bring for their own post-war business. Franchises popped up from coast to coast and Pronto Pups become a national sensation.  Few if any of these original Pronto Pup restaurants exist still today, but many of us have drooled and savored the flavor of the famous Pronto Pups at carnivals, county fairs, food trucks, free standing restaurants, or street vendors.  While a few other places across the country claim to be the birthplace of the corndog, no claims predate the Boyingtons’ Rockaway Beach location!

       The corndog was invented in Rockaway Beach, Oregon by husband and wife George and Versa Boyington in the late 1930s. The Boyingtons ran a small hot dog stand on the beach, selling the dogs to tourists and locals. When the rain came and ruined the buns, George Boyington came up with the idea of cooking a "bun" as needed. He created a pancake batter based mix that is still used today.  The Pronto Pup made its big debut from a fountain shop window owned by the Boyingtons in Portland, Oregon.  Right from the start, the tasty treat was a Fan Favorite!

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Pronto Pup vs Corn Dog

The true differences between these two legendary products on a stick!
The batter recipes are objectively very similar — and both include cornmeal. The real differences are batter, taste, and texture. Pronto Pups have a thinner batter with a crispy texture and a hint of saltiness to them while the traditional corn dogs have a thicker batter with a fluffy texture and are sweeter.
When it comes down to it, Pronto Pups really are corn dogs.
Here's your rule of thumb: Every Pronto Pup is a corn dog, but not every corn dog is a Pronto Pup.

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